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Motorsport Manager Online Wiki

Motorsport Manager Online has got a huge list of tracks, spread across various countries and regions. You will find here the list of track names and location. You can visit each track page to find more details about each track such as layout variations, track properties and number of laps.

Track List

Track Name Country Chance of Rain Track Properties Number of Layouts
Rio de Janeiro Brazil 34% Abrasive Track 3
Guildford UK 36% Long Straights 2
Beijing China 34% Bumpy Track 5
Munich Germany 22% Winding Track 4
Ardennes Belgium 22% Long Pitlane 1
Toluca Mexico 13% High Altitude
Oval Track
Phoenix USA 4% Long Straights
Oval Track
Singapore Singapore 36% Street Track 2
Doha Qatar 1% Short Pitlane 3
Dubai UAE 2% Long Straights 4
Yokohama Japan 31% Abrasive Track 3
Vancouver Canada 31% Short Start Line 4
Black Sea Russia 28% Winding Circuit 6
Cape Town South Africa 5% Street Track 1
Milan Italy 16% Long Straights
Oval Track
Tondela Portugal 13% Abrasive Track 4
Monaco Monaco 16% Street Track 2
Sydney Australia 34% Long Straights 1
Stewart Island New Zealand 26% Long Pitlane 5
Noordwijk Netherlands 26% Winding Track 3
Bahrain Bahrain 3% Long Straights 6